Houston's Franklin Ave. B. C.

Rev. Dr. S. Lachlin Verrett - Pastor

4027 Irvington Blvd. Houston TX 77009


Worship & Study


8:00AM - Sunday School (CEB - Building)

9:00AM - Worship (Main Sanctuary)

Wednesdays (Main Sanctuary)

6:30PM - Biblical Studies

Message from the Pastor...

Welcome to the Houston’s Franklin Avenue Baptist Church (HFABC) and we are extremely excited that you found us on the worldwide web. HFABC is a city wide ministry with a mission that is focused on impacting families, our city, and our great nation through evangelizing sinners, equipping saints, and most of all exalting our Savior. We envision HFABC members proclaiming the saving power of Jesus Christ while collectively building a community of saints through the word of God for victorious living.

Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort

The devastation of Hurricane Harvey has left many within our congregation and the Houston area riddled with loss of materials as well as the means to generate income during this event. Your support to us will have an immediate and substantial impact in the Houston metropolitan area. The Houston’s Franklin Avenue Baptist Church will be raising funds for families in need to fill these gaps of loss while we recover slowly from this devastation. Our goal is to raise funds to provide immediate financial assistance to families rebuilding their income, homes, and normalcy.

There are three Avenues to donate to our HFABC Disaster Relief:

  1. Mail donations to HFABC 4027 Irvington Blvd Houston, TX 70009
  2. Donate via www.Chase.com/QuickPay send to [email protected]
  3. Donate via PayPal. (Click the button below.)


Intimacy with God, Passion for the Harvest, Visionary Life, Relevant Evangelism, Multiplication of Disciples, Family Priority, Faithful Stewardship, Integrity.


To see HFABC members proclaim the saving power of Jesus Christ while building a community of saints through the word of God for victorious living.


Impact our families, our city, and nation though evangelizing the sinner, equipping the saints and exalting the Savior.

HFABC Ministry Clusters

Church Administration

Sis. Lauren Ford

[email protected]

Christian Education

Rev. Thomas Williams IV

[email protected]


Deacon Peter Washington

[email protected]

Membership Care

Sis. Dionne Howard

[email protected]

Ministry Accountability

Deacon Charles Cooper

[email protected]


Sis. Darlene Howard

[email protected]

Women's Ministry

First Lady Betty Verrett

[email protected]

Worship & Fine Arts

MOM. Kendra Mathis

[email protected]

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